The form below is a truncated version of the Tripoli Advisor Panel Pre-Flight Data Capture Form.  A full version of this form will be sent to two Tripoli TAP members for review before the certification launch attempt.

Ben Staal
Belgrade, MT
TRA #:
Launch Location:
BSRA Launch Site,
near Twin Bridges MT
Tentative Launch Date:
August 11, 2018
Rocket Information:
Rocket Source:
Rocket Name:
So Much For Subtlety
Red, Silver
Rocket Diameter:
6.17 inch (156.7mm)
Rocket Length:
110.5in (2.807m)
Rocket Weight:
55.58lbs with motor
44.05lbs without motor
2 MissileWorks RRC3 Xtreme
Motor Type:
CTI M1670-P
Thrust to Weight Ratio:
6.75 : 1 (average)
Standard 1515 Rail
Launcher Length:
8ft (2.44m)
Flight Information:
Calculated with RockSim Version 9.6.0
CP from Nose:
87.33in (2.22m)
CG from Nose:
73.71in (1.87m)
Max Velocity:
470 mph (756.2 kph)
Max Altitude:
7180ft (2191m)
Pre-Flight Data Capture

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