L3 Cert Rocket - Initial Post

Features and Dimensions

  • 134.5in (3.417m) tall
  • 6.22in (158mm) outside diameter, 6.0in (152mm) inside diameter, fiberglass-wrapped phenolic airframe tubes
  • Center of pressure 105in (2.667m) down from tip of nosecone
  • With Aerotech DMS M1350W, center of mass 95in (2.413m) down from tip of nosecone
  • 3 G10 fiberglass fins
  • 75mm motor mount
  • Predicted weight of 30.5lbs (135.7N) without motor

Areas for Improvement

  1. Fin Design: The size and shape of the fin still need to be optimized for stability based on final weight and mass distribution.
  2. Camera Bay: While it may be convenient to have the camera bay inside the electronics bay, to improve the video footage, it would be better to have the camera bay in the lowest section so that it stays in the proper orientation throughout all phases of flight.
  3. Parachutes: In order to finalize the design, parachutes for both drogue and main will need to be selected and (most likely) purchased.  The estimated weight of the preliminary design will be used for these selections.  The final sizes and weights of these parachutes will be used to determine the final sizes of the parachute bays and therefore also the final position of the CG.
Preliminary Design

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